women’s coats

Coats are an essential part of our autumn wardrobe. But what if we told you that women’s coats can help save the planet, too? By purchasing coats made from recycled, eco-friendly materials, you can look perfect and contribute to preserving the environment at the same time.

Here’s why recycled women’s coats should find a place in your closet this fall:

They Are Sustainable and Ethical

Sustainable fashion is a term used to describe clothes that are designed, manufactured, and used in an environmentally-friendly way.

Sustainable business models often go hand in hand with ethics. Brands that produce and sell sustainable clothing are devoted to leaving a minimal environmental footprint and preserving nature while creating high-quality, durable products. Plus, they focus on their workers’ welfare, rights, and fair wages.

In contrast, we have fast fashion, one of the largest polluters in the world. The fast fashion industry produces large amounts of clothes that follow the latest trends and styles. Since they’re made in huge quantities, these clothes are typically cheap. Although buying affordable clothes sounds appealing, we have to consider the downsides.

Fast fashion is extremely harmful to the environment. Research shows this industry is to blame for about 2%-8% of carbon emissions globally. By turning towards sustainable fashion, you’ll say “no” to harmful gas emissions and excessive waste.

They Support Minimalism

Fast fashion has led us to believe that we need dozens of clothes in our closets. Nowadays, when the harmful impacts of this industry have been established, more and more people are embracing a minimalistic lifestyle.

Minimalism isn’t about not buying clothes at all. Rather, it promotes purchasing only the items you’ll wear frequently. Sustainable fashion is often related to minimalism. Both concepts oppose costly consumerism that has damaged our environment.

Buying recycled women’s coats can be a great way to support minimalism. Unlike shirts or jeans, we only wear coats for a few months of the year, which usually means we don’t buy them frequently. But with each purchase, you have a choice: reducing or supporting consumerism. If you opt for recycled women’s coats, you’ll drastically reduce waste and support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

They Save Energy

You may wonder how women’s coats could save energy. Here’s an explanation:

Each item of clothing you purchase goes through a complex process that requires large amounts of water, electricity, and other resources. Since recycled clothing isn’t made from scratch, the production doesn’t use as much energy.

They Are High-Quality

Unfortunately, many people think recycled clothing is of poor quality. But quite the opposite is true. As mentioned, the fast fashion industry produces large quantities of affordable clothing in a short time. The manufacturers are usually not devoted to the quality of the products because they know they will be discarded to make room for newer clothes.

On the other hand, brands that make recycled fashion clothes are all about creating durable products you’ll use for years to come.

They Are Affordable

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new coat. Since their production doesn’t require as much energy, recycled clothes are often affordable.

However, this isn’t always the case. Since one of the characteristics of fast fashion is affordability, you’ll often find coats for a much lower price than recycled garments. Before you make your choice, think about the quality. Recycled coats offer superior quality and will last for years to come. Mass-produced, low-quality models may serve you for a season or two, after which you’ll have to get rid of them.

Plus, think about the environmental footprint you’ll be leaving. It’s always better to pay a little more and get a durable product that doesn’t harm the planet.

They Are Eye-Appealing

Recycled women’s coats are far from dull or uniform. They are available in various colors and designs, and we guarantee you’ll find one that matches your style.

For example, you can opt for a yellow trench coat that will protect you from the rain and look great with a matching umbrella. Alternatively, you could purchase a hooded tweed coat with front zip. If you prefer longer models, an elegant longline coat might be perfect for you. You can even purchase coats made of vegan leather.

Make a (Fashion) Statement With the Right Coat

Our choice of clothes enables us to stand out from the crowd and express our viewpoints and convictions. With recycled women’s coats, you’ll not only add a touch of rainbow to gloomy autumn days but contribute to making our planet better.