Natural Facial Peel

Suffering from skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, and sunburn is very common. There are ways to take care of your skin and eliminate these problems. So one of those ways is using a natural skin peel mask. These peels are very effective as well as efficiently rejuvenate your skin. Thus, if you are the one who wants to know more about the different organic peels, then read the post below.

Benefits of using Natural or Organic Peel

It would help to use natural peel when you feel your skin is dull or looks like an old wallpaper. One of the most significant things you must know about peels is that they remove or damage the live tissue. They eradicate the dead cells that make your face look dull. Additionally, you can choose the peel as per your skin type, such as dry, sensitive, or oily. Therefore, some of the benefits of using organic peel on your skin are as follows:

1. It works as a booster for collagen levels and stiffens skin efficiently.

2. Restoration of pH balance of the skin.

3. Effective lightening of the pigmentation spots.

4. Make skin smooth

5. Reduce lines and wrinkles

6. It allows skin to absorb moisture effectively.

Ingredients in the peel mask that you must look for :

It is unimportant which ingredients you choose because they renew skin cells, diminish age spots, and exfoliate dead cells. Some of these are given below, and you can choose them.

Salicylic acid

This peel eliminates the dirt from the face, cleanses the skin deeply, and eradicates the acne-causing bacteria.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid peel is best for oily or combination skin. It removes the oil from the skin and is counted amongst the best and most gentle peeling ingredients.


This peel is very gentle on the skin and gives your face a refreshing glow.

Glycolic acid

If you are looking for a natural peel for soothing your wrinkles, then you can go for a Glycolic acid peel. This sugarcane-based product has various strengths but may cause itching and redness. But there is no need to worry as it reduces after some time and gives a revitalizing glow.

Alpha hydroxy acid

Alpha hydroxy acid contains various food sources such as milk, sugarcane, and others.

List of Natural Skin Peels to use at home

You want to use organic products on your skin that contain fewer chemicals. So, below, we are giving you a list of natural skin peels to use at home:

Philosophy Triple Acid Peel Pads

These peel pads are pre-saturated, individually wrapped, and very easy to use. This product is well-known for its triple-acid formula that brightens skin, reduces dark spots, and minimizes pores. It smells lovely and can be used once a week.

Skin Beauty Solutions Glycolic Peel

The Skin Beauty Solutions Glycolic Peel is a professional-grade peel with 70% strength. It reveals healthier skin instantly and stimulates the production of collagen. In addition, if you leave it for a long time, you will get better results, such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Caudalie Peeling Mask

This peel mask is ideal for all skin types and gives impressive results. Caudalie Peeling Mask mainly contains antioxidant vinifera and papaya enzymes known for reducing pigmentation and eliminating dead skin cells. Additionally, free from parabens, this peeling mask boasts approximately 85 % natural origin ingredients.

Final Words

Having flawless skin is a dream of everyone, and using a peeling mask to rejuvenate the skin is the best way. Thus, after reading the entire post, you will get a better knowledge of using natural peel masks and their benefits.