Vegetarian Food Bloggers

Many people all over the world are passionate about eating vegetarian food as well as vegan cooking. So, with the advent of technology and the internet people are connecting well with their favorite food bloggers easily. On the other hand, vegetarian food bloggers give you tips, recipes, and many more information related to vegetarian meals and recipes. Therefore, if you are the one who is looking for the popular vegetarian food bloggers then you should read the entire post. Here we are giving you a list of 5 best Vegetarian Food Bloggers that you must follow.

List of Best Vegetarian Food Bloggers

Vegetarian food bloggers with their innovative ways also encourage people to be vegetarian. They give recipes, tips on cooking, cooking healthy dishes in an innovative way, and many more. As many people consider non-vegetarian food more tasty that’s why vegetarian food bloggers with the maximum efforts always try to connect with the readers. So, you can find a list of 5 best of vegetarian food bloggers below to follow.

Vegetarian Mamma

Vegetarian Mamma’ as its name suggests is a mother as well as a foodie. Cindy Gordon is known for blogging about vegan or gluten free recipes. She is from Ohio and her whole family is involved in creating new recipes. Moreover, her husband and two sons help her with cooking, gardening, and having a good time all together. According to Cindy, her family avoids dairy and gluten products and is fond of eating fresh vegetables and foods. For her cooking easy recipes with simply available ingredients is very interesting and it keeps her to do her best.

Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

Another vegetarian blogger that you can follow is Easy Cheesy Vegetarian. This blog is owned by Becca Pusey who is from the United Kingdom and is a full time blogger. She is a huge fan of cheese and loves to spend her days in cooking. In addition to this, Becca Pusey is not a vegan and uses eggs and cheese in most of her recipes. She also looks for recipes on other blogs that are simple to make, vegan, and easy to cook. Hence, you can follow her blog if you want some scrumptious cheese and vegetarian food recipes.

My New Roots

Sarah Britton is a well-known chef and nutritionist who is also famous for her ‘My New Roots’ blog. Her blog is award-winning and she is a certified nutritional practitioner. According to her, the main aim of her blog is to motivate people to be active participants in their health and eat vegetarian food.

The Messy Vegetarian Cook

This blog is owned by Kip Dorell who is very much fond of vegetarian food. Her simple cooking recipes are very much popular as she uses combinations of various good flavours. Kip Dorell is a full-time vegan food blogger who has a good understanding of various vegan meals. Hence, if you love to read about gluten-free recipes and dairy product recipes then you can follow her without any doubt.

Lisa’s Kitchen

Lisa’s Kitchen as its name suggests is owned by Lisa Turner and is known for being a vegetarian for more than twenty years. She started her blog in the year 2007 and her readers love reading and trying innovative recipes posted in her blog. Moreover, she advises avoiding processed food and using high quality ingredients. When you visit her blog you will find there are lots of vegetarian recipes that are simple to cook as well.

Final Words

All the vegetarian bloggers mentioned above in the post have good intelligence of vegetarian food. The blogs are known for great read and have various mouthwatering vegetarian recipes. You can easily follow them if you are the one who is very much interested in vegetarian food and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and others. Hopefully, this article will surely help you in choosing and following the best vegetarian blogger as per your choice. Enjoy cooking!