Bras Types

There are so many different types and styles of bras, it can be hard to know which style is best for you. Fortunately, we have put together a guide on the main bra styles to make your next bra shopping experience that little bit easier. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge of each bra type so you can decide which bra will work best for you.

Balconette bra

One of the most popular styles of bra is the balconette. It offers a rounded look whilst providing excellent comfort and support with less coverage than a full cup. Generally the straps are set wider and join at the side of the cup as opposed to the centre. This style of bra is best for a fuller bust.

Plunge bra

If you are after a super flattering bra style that works well under low-cut outfits, the plunge bra might be best for you. Plunge bras offer less coverage, provide the perfect level or lift but without you having to compromise on support, they’re ideal for women with a bigger bust.

Full cup bra

As the name suggests, a full cup bra offers all over coverage and full support. It’s the best way to feel secure, the straps are closer, which makes the style ideal if you find that your bra straps often slip off your shoulders. This style is designed to minimise cleavage which makes them a good choice for work or any other situation where you don’t want the attention on your bust.

T-shirt Bra

Another great day to day bra is the t-shirt bra, this style can come padded or unpadded. These bra cups are moulded with fixed shape cups that are seam-free giving a smooth silhouette under clothes.

Strapless bra

One bra that is an absolute essential for any womens closet, particularly in the summer months is a strapless bra. These bras give you the freedom to wear whatever you want over the top. They are specially designed to not slip so that you don’t miss the straps.

Half cup bra

A half cup bra, also known as a demi-cup, has less coverage than a balconette. This style of bra offers an upfront and uplifted shape which is perfect for boosting cleavage from the bottom of the breast which can be great if you don’t have as much volume towards the top area of your breast.


If you are more interested in style than support, a bralette may be the best option for you. Bralettes are usually non-wired and often come in stylish lacey designs. What’s more a bralette is a particularly comfortable choice, and grew in popularity over the pandemic induced lockdowns.

Sports bra

The ideal bra for maximum support, perfect for exercise, is a sports bra. The style of this bra is designed to hold your boobs close to your chest giving maximum hold and minimum movement. The fabric is usually made with minimal stretch to reduce movement and beat the bounce.

Nursing bra

If you are looking for the right bra to accommodate your body through pregnancy and after pregnancy, a nursing bra could be the answer. This style of bra is designed specifically for comfort during pregnancy and has clips and drop-down cups for breastfeeding. They are often non-wired or have flexi wires which make them more softer and flexible than normal wires. They help to provide more of an uplift and separation than non-wired bra styles.

Overview of bra types

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of which bras will work best with your body and to suit your personal needs. Our favourite bra retailer is Bras and Honey who stock a range of popular brands in a range of styles to fit all shapes and sizes.