Beverly Hills plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever, and there are now countless procedures for patients who want to restore their confidence. Within days of your cosmetic operation, you could back on your feet with a rejuvenated appearance and improved self-image. If you have recently decided that you are interested in cosmetic surgery, then you are probably wondering what the results are going to be like and how you can prepare for your operation. With a skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgery doctor by your side and a solid treatment plan, you will be able to address any cosmetic issues that you have been struggling with over the years.

Determining Which Operation Is Right for You

There are a few different steps that you can take to get a general overview of the leading procedures that are currently available to patients. In addition to doing some online research and reading over an FAQ section, you might also want to speak with some friends or acquaintances who have had a cosmetic operation carried out. Those who have firsthand experience will be able to tell exactly what they went through and how the procedures have helped them. Currently, some of the most popular cosmetic treatments include facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, breast lifts, and neck lifts. There are also non-surgical options such as Botox, CoolSculpting, and microneedling.

Contacting Your Surgeon

Once you have a general idea of what type of procedure you are interested in, you will then need to schedule an appointment with a surgeon. That consultation is extremely important because it will give you the opportunity to explain your goals and ask any questions that you might have. Your surgeon will then go over all of your options so that you can come up with an effective treatment plan. The surgeon must also take a look at your medical history and carry out a checkup to ensure that you are healthy enough for an operation. These procedures are very safe, but you need to be relatively healthy if you want to enjoy long-term results.

Getting Ready for Your Procedure

Your surgeon is going to give you extensive pre-op instructions during your final consultation, and you need to follow those instructions as closely as possible. Each case is slightly different, but most patients will be told to stay as healthy as possible in the weeks leading up to any procedure. Anything that impacts your overall health could affect the results of the operation or even increase your risk of post-op complications. Your surgeon will most likely ask you to avoid all tobacco products, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and stick to a healthy diet. You might also be asked to make changes to some of the over-the-counter or prescription drugs that you are taking.

Enjoying a Quick and Safe Recovery

The vast majority of cosmetic procedures can be carried out in a single day, and most patients can head home within a few hours of their operations. After you are home, you should plan on resting in a comfortable room for at least a few days while your body recovers. Surgery is going to have a big impact on your body, and it will take some time for the bruising and incisions to heal. Once the tissue is starting to heal and your discomfort has lessened, you should be able to move around on your own as long as you are careful and have a loved one nearby. In many cases, patients can resume most everyday activities after two or three weeks as long as there aren’t any complications. By the fourth or fifth week, your surgeon will most likely clear you for all physical activities. They will also give you further instructions on what you can do to preserve the results for as long as possible.