Women’s Jewellery Trends For 2022

This season, jewellery is bold. Not only is there the unisex jewellery movement, but jewellery in general is getting chunkier and more statement. It’s either go hard or go home, right?

We have noiced the rise of minimalism, but sometimes we just need something to take an outfit up a notch from simple to dressy. That’s where jewellery comes in, it adds texture and depth to your simplest and most casual outfits. A basic white tee and jeans combination can be elevated just by layering necklaces, or the most fashionable designer rings for women. Jewellery is a form of self-expression, there are so many types out there that will allow you to embrace your inner rock’n’roll goddess or express that chic Parisian inside of you. But what are the trends this year? Get some serious inspiration with our 2022 jewellery edit featuring this year’s top trends!

Chunky Gold Chains

The chunkier, the better. Chunky gold chains add texture to your outfit! You have the choice between gold and silver – gold of course, has always had our heart, and silver is trending, but it’s here to stay. Don’t underestimate this metal, particularly when it comes to chains, it adds a subtle punk rock feel to your outfits.

And if you’ve gota bold aesthetic, then you’ll want chains to match! Embellished chains are in – what are they you ask? Chains with diamond embellishments, or other materials such as ceramics and other precious stones willmake your look more luxurious.

Chunky Rings

The chunky trend includes rings. Knuckledusters, as they were once called, are a unique addition to your jewellery box. Cigar rings are also on-trend this season, they are delicate yet chunky,whilst remaining feminine. Their super-thick band can be embellished with precious stones or engravings for a personal touch. Why are chunkier styles so in? Rather than stacking smaller, thinner bands, they’re simple and refined. We also recommend wearing one on a chain to add some edge.

Statement Drop Earrings

Everything is over the top and oversized this season andearrings are no exception. Drop earrings are set tobecome a firm favourite for men and women alike. We seriously envy how Harry Styles can carry this look off, and we dream of embodyingthe Art Deco vibe that he has going on. Think of the Golden Age of Hollywood – luxurious gowns and showstopping statement drop earrings that take everyone’s breath away. Pure perfection!

Anything Vintage

As weconsumers become increasingly eco-conscious, vintage is becoming more and moremainstream. We all want to be more considered with our purchases, and vintage jewellery will allow you to shop guilt-free. From vintage Chanel and Dior to precious Art Deco pieces, you can shop all kinds of jewellery such as engagement rings to classic pearl earrings. Vintage jewellery has aspecial history – perhaps it has been passed down through generations, or it evokes a happy memory. Either way, vintage pieces have their own spark, which can’t compare with new jewellery.