Hair style is not only about grooming, it’s also about looking cooler and enhancing the overall look. The Grunge hairstyle also gives volume to your hair and is easy to do as well. Hence, if you are the one who is looking for grunge hairstyle details and revive them naturally then you are at the right place. In this article, we are giving you some best ways to do the 90s popular grunge hairstyle revival in a natural way.

Some Ways to do the Revival of Grunge Hair Style Naturally :

Grunge hairstyle was very much popular in the 80s because of the grunge bands in Seattle, Washington. The musicians created a whole new look by wearing thrift store clothing and ignoring the mainstream culture. At that time, the grunge hairstyle emerged as an anti-consumerist movement and became the style of that era. So, this hairstyle inspires many people to adopt it.


In case if you feel that there is no need for shampooing then you can surely go for the basics of the grunge hairstyle. When you don’t shampoo your hair for many days then you can feel greasiness and this helps you to get a grungy hairstyle. So, using a high quality heat protector spray you can blow dry your hair and for the extra volume, you can tease them at the root. In addition to this, if you want then cut them into the layers and for a texturized effect dye a few strands.

Messy Waves

One of the best methods to do grunge hairstyle is messy waves. The messy waves look very cool as well as make you stand out of the crowd. Also, to get a perfect grungy texture you can rub on sea salt spray to your hair after washing and drying them. Then, by using a straightener bend the hair slightly in one loop and pull them down. Finally, using your fingers curl the hair strands to get nice messy waves. You have to follow this way all through your head as it works in a different way on each section of the hair. Moreover, you can get a perfect grunge hairstyle in the form of waves by spraying some more sea salt all over your head.

Half Bun

Messy Half Bun hairstyle is a form of grunge hairstyle and is ideal for those girls who don’t have much time to manage their hair. A half bun is very comfortable during summers as well and gives a nice stylish look. To get a more grunge look you can apply sea salt spray and then tie a half bun. Apart from this, as per your choice, leave the remaining hair fall or tie a ponytail but not tight, keep it loose and messy.

Highlighting the Hair

Another popular and easy way to get the grunge hairstyle naturally is by highlighting the hair. To enhance your look effectively you can choose the hair color of your preference. But, be sure to use the best quality color otherwise it can damage your hair. Additionally, for the best grunge hairstyle, it is recommended that you should go for the grey or white hair color.

Bangs along with a Pigtail

Bangs along with pigtail was very much in the trend in the 80s and 90s. In this way, you can get the eye-catching grunge hairstyle easily and require very low maintenance. As per your choice, decide the length of the bangs and leave a pigtail. But make the pigtail strands loose for a superfluous grungy effect.

Final Words :

The revival of the Grungy hairstyle has attracted the youth in an efficient way. The messed up hair gives you a feeling of being independent and confident as well. Hence, we hope that after going through this post, you will understand well about the various ways to do the Grunge Hair Style revival in an easy and natural manner.