Things to Do Around Ratchada

When you’re staying at your hotel with suite in Ratchada, it can be difficult to know what activities or events you can enjoy around this specific area. Luckily there are a lot of events and places that can be highly entertaining, even if they are lesser known as tourist areas. Ratchada is an area known as an entertainment, business, and residential district that is normally lesser known for most tourists in Bangkok. However, this area is home to Royal City Avenue, Siam Niramit, and Thailand Cultural Center, making it a good area to visit if you’re looking to explore a different side of Bangkok.

Royal City Avenue

Royal City Avenue, or RCA is a famous stretch of huge nightclubs and bars within Ratchada that draws a decent crowd every night. This government-designated entertainment zone is visited frequently by a young crowd. RCA is basically a long street located between Rama IX and Phetchaburi Road. Notable clubs at RCA include Route 66, Flix, Slim, hobb, Ezze, the Overtone Music Cave, Nospace, 808, Inch, JazzIt, Baroque club, Love Boat Club, Dude Nightclub, and T.D.C. Club.

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a cultural experience you can’t afford to miss. Performed on Asia’s largest stage, it is a very impressive musical with hundreds of actors and actresses performing according to ancient and historical Thai culture. The show is one of the most elaborate and brilliantly choreographed performances in Thailand, featuring demons and warrior monkeys doing battle in mid-air. The score of the show is composed of various traditional forms of Thai music.

The show tells the story of the early rise of Siam as a major cultural crossroads where there was a great exchange of knowledge and informational. Then it goes into sections of the Ramayana and explains the importance of Karma in Thai culture. Finally, it closes with a section portraying the making of spiritual merit through good deeds and how this affects the Thai people.

Thailand Cultural Center

Thailand Cultural Center is a performing arts venue only minutes away from Amanta Hotel and Residence Ratchada. This performing arts centre is where you can watch a variety of shows that are often happening at the venue. Shows often feature classical music and orchestral pieces, and feature some of the most talented musicians in Thailand. You can watch world-famous conductors and pianists perform at the highest level of their craft, and appreciate classical music for the elegant and beautiful artform that it is. Amanta Hotel and Residence in Ratchada is the perfect location for you to choose as a base in Bangkok to tour the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for the classic nightclub experience, wanting to see culture and Thai history or are a classical music connoisseur, there are always events and venues nearby that are highly entertaining.