Artificial flower arrangements

Artificial flower arrangements can be an excellent gift for a special occasion, as these artificial flowers can be just as beautiful and meaningful as living flowers. Artificial flowers are an amazing accessory that provides a few benefits over real flowers. The following are a few advantages that artificial flower arrangements have over traditional flowers.

Not dependent on season

With real flowers, often one has to wait before it is the perfect season for your favorite flower to bloom and be displayed. However, with artificial flowers, there is no longer a need for them to come into season. This means that you can choose your favorite flowers no matter what time of the year it is, as they will always be in full bloom. Furthermore, it’s possible unlike with living flowers to display them in your home everyday for the entire year.

No Waiting

Unlike normal flowers, with artificial flower arrangements you do not need to wait for the bud to open. These artificial flowers can be placed in a vase immediately and displayed in the house. This is a good choice if you want to enjoy your bouquet of flowers immediately, and if you are giving them as a gift to a close friend or family member you can see their reaction to the full bloom of flowers immediately rather than having to wait some time.

Pet Friendly

Some real flowers can be harmful to pets, and even poisonous. With artificial flowers, there is no longer this worry that harm will come to your furry friends. This means your pets can roam and romp around the house without you having to worry if they’re going to be eating flowers that are dangerous to them.

Low Maintenance

Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers require barely any maintenance. Real flowers need watering, supplements, and special lighting. However, with artificial flowers they don’t need any of these things that real flowers require on a daily basis, and thus, maintenance is lower. All they might require is light dusting. Real flowers have the risk of being mismanaged or dying, while artificial flowers can stay in the same condition forever. This makes them more attractive as a gift since they can stay in their full beauty for a longer period of time.


Artificial flowers do not wither, have no flowers to pick up and there are no soil or water spillages or rotting stems to throw away. This means that in general, artificial flowers can remain a lot cleaner than real flowers and cause less trouble. In addition to this, artificial flower arrangements are unlikely to be damaged by being knocked over and can withstand unwanted attention from children and pets. This makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a flower arrangement that is convenient and is not easily damaged.

Overall there are a variety of advantages that artificial flower arrangements have over real flowers. They are not dependent on season, require no waiting for blooming, are pet friendly, low maintenance, and in general are more clean. This makes them an attractive gift for your close friends or family’s special occasion, so buy an artificial flower arrangement now at Pure Seed, a floral design studio specializing in bespoke flower arrangements and special-occasion bouquets.