eco friendly activewear

Due to the changing lifestyle and habits, workout has become a very essential part of our lives. There are various benefits of workout such as it helps in reducing stress, keep ourselves fit, protect us from diseases, and many more. So, there are many people who want to look good during a workout and opt to wear eco-friendly workout clothes. But in addition, to look good, sustainable workout clothes are also about comfort. Fashion and clothing production all over the world makes up approximately 10% of carbon emissions yearly. Moreover, there are various sustainable activewear brands that are available in an assortment of types, colors, and fabrics. Hence, in this article, we are giving you the list of the best Eco-friendly activewear.

Different types of Fibres used in sportswear- eco friendly

For sustainable activewear, there are different types of fibers used. These are mentioned below:

  1. Organic cotton: Organic Cotton is widely used in manufacturing activewear worldwide. This is a soft and comfortable fiber and is known for working perfectly for light and heavy workouts like walking and running respectively. Organic cotton uses natural fertilizers to grow instead of the hazardous chemicals used for conventional cotton. So, you can choose organic cotton workout clothes as they are biodegradable and dry quickly.
  1. Tencel: This fiber is made from wood pulp that is sourced sustainably and is best for workouts. It gives the performance and has qualities similar to plastic fabrics and is biodegradable as well. Activewear made from Tencel fiber keeps the body pleasantly cool and is breathable.
  1. Hemp: Hemp is used as a substitute for cotton and is well-known for its use in clothing, especially workout clothes. Some of the best features of this fiber are antibacterial properties, breathable, biodegradable, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Top sustainable activewear brands


Everlane is one of the popular names in manufacturing eco-friendly workout clothes. The range starts from recycled wool and cashmere, clean silk to recycled sneakers. This brand mainly focuses to remove all virgin plastics from its supply chain and offers a wide array of sustainable gym wear. This includes activewear space, bike shorts, minimalist-designed leggings, bodysuits from polyesters, and a lot more.


If you are looking for eco-friendly athletic wear that is made from recycled polyester or nylon fibers then the Girlfriend brand is a good choice. The fiber is derived from fishing nets as well as recycled plastic bottles. The recycled fabrics by Girlfriend are certified by Oeko-Tex. In addition to this, each garment is available with its own sustainability report that includes how much energy and water was saved.


Patagonia is manufacturing eco-friendly workout clothes since the ’70s and is known for devoting 1% of its profit to various environmental organizations. The T-shirts and twist tops by this brand are highly comfortable and are the best choice for sweaty workouts.


This brand is known for producing sustainable gym wear essentials by using the best sustainable raw materials. Tentree also plants ten trees for every purchase made and the shopping also benefits the planet. Furthermore, you can buy bike shorts, Tencel sweatpants, scrunchies, and a lot more.


Tripulse is known for providing the best sustainable activewear and motivates people to be more active. This brand offers an extensive array of workout leggings, t-shirts, shorts, and many more. They have all for yoga, heavy workout, and other kinds of sports activities as well. In addition to this, Tripulse brand is also Climate Neutral certified and recognized to reach net-zero carbon emissions for all their garments and products.

Ways to select the right eco-friendly workout clothes

It’s very important that you choose the clothes for workouts as per your needs. So, below some important ways are given to choose the right eco-friendly workout clothes.

  1. It’s very significant to pay attention to the fitting of the activewear. Moreover, according to your personal style and body type one can choose workout clothing that is loose or tight.
  2. You must tailor your attire to the specific activity such as avoid wearing long pants for running. Also, for eco friendly workout gear like Yoga don’t wear clothes that will not move with you throughout different poses.
  3. During the colder months, layer your workout clothes. But keep in mind to wear items that you can discard easily because your body temperature heats up all through your workout.

Activewear or Gym wear is known for making you feel strong and ready to tackle any workout. Nowadays, there are many people who are choosing sustainable workout clothes as sustainability includes issues surrounding social welfare and waste and consumption. Therefore, we hope that this post will help you in knowing more regarding Eco-friendly activewear as well as sustainable activewear brands that you can choose.