natural teeth whiteners

There are many people all around the world who are worried about teeth whitening. Most of the people view dull or yellow teeth tend with hostility and many times it also affects your social and business life. There are several factors that cause teeth to become dull and lose their brightness. So, it is good to use different teeth whitening products that are known to whiten teeth instantly. Therefore, in this article, we are giving all the important information regarding natural teeth whiteners that you must know.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The smile of a person is the first thing that other people notice when they meet him or her. Many people believe that a gorgeous smile makes a person more attractive to the opposite gender and makes you feel confident as well. Hence, some of the benefits of teeth whitening are as follows:

Enhances your appearance

If you use the right teeth whitening products then it will help in combating stains from your daily food and drink. It enhances your overall appearance and you can smile to the fullest.

Boosts self-confidence

With teeth whitening, we assure you that your self-confidence will rise steeply. Whether you are a working person or a homemaker, you will feel confident in talking with others and presenting yourself perfectly.

Natural smile

Many people hesitate while smiling because of their dull teeth. But there are some natural teeth whitening ways that help you to get white teeth in minutes so that you can smile naturally.

List of best Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Due to various reasons, teeth become dull and seem to be yellow in appearance. Also, there are certain foods that are responsible for staining the outermost layer of your teeth which is enamel. So, this type of discoloration can be treated with some whitening remedies. Below given are some teeth whitening products and remedies that can whiten your teeth naturally.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has probiotic properties and is known for removing coffee and nicotine stains on teeth. This natural teeth whitener gives you the same result as you have teeth cleaned by a professional dentist. You can brush with Apple Cider Vinegar two or three times a week, then brush with the regular toothpaste and rinse it well.

Baking Soda

You can also whiten your teeth with baking soda and it will surely give you the desired results. It has the combined properties of being a mild scrub and is an alkaline compound. You can use it by making a paste using water or lemon water and then rinse it. Thus, it doesn’t change the natural hue of teeth and is safe to use.


Charcoal is another teeth whitening product that is known for virus elimination also. You can take a bit of charcoal powder such as Doll White below on the end of a toothbrush and after that brush for at least four to five minutes. Moreover, it is suggested that you should use this product only twice a week, otherwise it can also damage the enamel if you use it daily.

Banana and Lemon peel

You can also whiten teeth with lemon or banana peel naturally. All you have to do is rub the inside part of the peel on your teeth. But you should make sure that there is no fruit pulp is stick to it. So, rub the peel on your teeth for three to four minutes and rinse. In few days only you will see good results.

Eat Fruits

If you eat fruits such as Apple, Pineapple, Papayas, and Strawberry then it will surely whiten your teeth in an effective manner. Apples contain malic acid that helps in removing stains. In addition to this, these fruits are helpful in maintaining white teeth and contain bromelain and papain enzymes that are known to whiten teeth instantly.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil is another natural product that is known for whitening teeth effectively. Oil pulling was also practiced in ayurvedic medicine and is very popular also. You can also buy pulling kits from the market and must be worth a try. Apart from this, you can also take a tablespoon of pure coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth. Try it twice a week for at least twenty minutes and then rinse it. Moreover, using this product has some other benefits also such as it reduces inflammation in the gum tissues, sucks out toxins from the gums and tongue, and others.

In addition to all the natural teeth whiteners given above in the post, you should also brush your teeth soon after you eat as it helps in preventing stains. Moreover, there are many products available in the market that assure you to get whiten teeth overnight, but before using those products you should consult your dentist.