breast augmentation

Many patients can misunderstand the recovery process for breast augmentation surgery. Before committing, you should know what to expect in the weeks after your procedure.

Here are some questions that can help you get a more comprehensive consultation and feel better prepared for your surgical process:

1. How Soon Can I Get Back to Moving Around?

Vigorous activity in the few days after the surgery is generally not recommended. It is essential to ask your surgeon about this because the answer varies from one patient to another.

Experts recommend only light indoor walking in the week after surgery. It improves circulation, which helps the healing process. If your post-surgery plans include anything more strenuous, seek advice from your surgeon.

2.What Type Of Breast Augmentation Best Suits My Daily Life?

Your daily physical activities can negatively affect your breast augmentation experience.

For implants under the muscle, exercise can be challenging during and after recovery. When your surgeon places the implant under the muscles, contractions will put pressure on it.

Strenuous activities like weight-lifting or swimming involve the chest muscles. They will increase your likelihood of developing swelling and discomfort during recovery. The recovery process for this type of procedure is also longer.

Implants placed over the muscle have a shorter and simpler recovery process. Yet, they are more likely to develop capsular contracture, creating a deformed breast. They are also more likely to create ripples in slimmer women.

Covering your daily life activities with your doctor will help inform your decisions. Together, you two can establish the type and placement of the implant you prefer. This way, you will get the best recovery process possible.

3. Is Traveling Immediately After the Surgery Safe?

The recovery period can be daunting for many patients. If your levels of pain and fatigue are high, traveling will be difficult. In rare cases, complications could even arise that place your health at risk. Traveling may increase the risk for blood clots and bleeding, especially long trips in the days after surgery.

One way to avoid traveling post-surgery is to keep it local. Explore your breast augmentation options in Fulshear, Texas, before committing. This way will help you get the best recovery experience.

4. What About My Workout Schedule?

Many patients end up being unclear on when they can get back to their exercise routines. To get a concrete answer, you need a trained surgeon. Using their expertise, they can understand your unique physical condition.

In general, it is best to rest for at least two weeks before starting on cardio workouts. The intensity of each person’s exercise routine is different. This means that simply stating that you work out for an hour every day is not sufficient information. Make sure to let your surgeon know what your usual routine includes. This way, you can make the proper adjustments.

With the help of these questions, your breast augmentation consultation will cover recovery comprehensively. Furthermore, knowing what to expect when post-surgery will give you a positive experience.