women self-defence

Let us face the truth; women need self-defence classes as they are attacked and mugged more often than men. Figures show that one in three women has been exposed to an attack at least once in her lifetime. It is not uncommon to hear about verbal and sexual harassment faced by women. What they need are some self-defence classes that can teach them the right strategies to protect themselves. Rape, murder and other criminal offences can be lodged in a police station, but women face some common problems in their daily life which are not lodged as criminal offences. For example, they can face some problems in public vehicles and they can be assaulted by their husband. So, to protect yourself, you need to join self-defence classes.

Nowadays, women should acquire the best self-defence strategies to feel safe and confident in all situations. After all, one may never know when they find themselves in an uncomfortable or unsafe or even a dangerous situation. With more and more working women out working late nights, it is mandatory to enrol for self-defence classes.

Women’s self-defence classes

As a student of self defence classes, women are taught the most effective methods of defending themselves. They do not need to depend on the police or their family members because you cannot bring your husband or brother to your office. So you need to protect yourself and you must know the following things about self-defence mechanism:

The most vulnerable spots

As a beginner in the self-defence class, women are first taught the most vulnerable points to focus on in the attacker. The main points include chest, knees, nose, throat, and groin. She can attack her opponent on any of those vulnerable spots. But, you need to know how to target such points and you can learn such tricks through these self-defence classes.

The best moves

The self-defence classes online can teach the student how to make the best moves that will leave her attacker whimpering and dropping to his knees. For example, she can use one hand to grab the little finger and ring finger and bend the wrist forward. If you can’t grab the hands or fingers, singly hit him hard on his vulnerable spots. For example, use the fingers to hit Adam’s apple in his collarbones. Another useful move is to aim for the groin area as this will paralyze the attacker. Those moves would be strong enough to surprise and disorient the opponent.

As a “rule of thumb,” remember to rotate the arm to the side of the attacker, and if he holds your arm tightly, you can rotate the wrist toward the thumb. As attackers usually attack from behind, the best way is to hold their arms so that they can’t move them. Then bend quickly and hit the attacker with the back of your head. As the attacker puts one of his legs forward, just grab his leg and pull him down. That will make the attacker lose his balance and his ground and give you enough time to escape.

In case you are pushed against the wall, just remember the most vulnerable places and attack those spots with the right moves. One of the most powerful tricks is to hit him with your head. The aim is to disorient the attacker instantly. Just train yourself to use any of those moves and join self-defence classes.

Self-defence is meant for everybody, and it can especially empower females with the right tips and training that can be used in their everyday life. Self-defence training can make her feel confident on how to steer away from a threat and block an attack by her opponent.