Finding the right perfume for women is not an easy task. Everyone you meet will have their signature scent. What is yours? And how can you create one for yourself? If you are dealing with the dilemma of choosing between international fragrances or Arabian ones, then we have a suggestion. Go for Arabian perfume. Classy, rich, and elegant, these fragrances can be the most exquisite selections for you. And choosing from the extensive collection of Arabic perfumes is not an easy feat. For that, understanding the perfume basics is important and then you need to know about the fragrance families to pick the right perfume.

Have you found a store for ordering your first ever Arabian perfume? Or are you going to drop by at an offline store? Before you buy perfume online from Bahrain, you must take a look at the following points. Here you will find the easiest and comprehensive guide to shop for your signature luxury Arabian perfume. Take a look.

Perfume Basics

Before making the selection, you need to understand the perfume basics that will help you choose the right scent.

  • Absolutes stand for the pure natural oils or extracts from flowers. These are the most highly-priced perfumes that you can get in a small amount.
  • Notes denote the elements of perfume that create the smell. While the top note fades away followed by the middle one, the base note stays and lingers in the air.
  • Eau De Cologne is the one that comes as a mixture of 5% oil with alcohol and water. Light and refreshing, this can be all-day wear.
  • Eau De Toilette is the same amount of oil that comes with the mix of alcohol instead of water. This is thicker than Eau De Cologne.
  • Eau De Parfum comes with more amount of natural oil with alcohol, heavier in consistency and smell.
  • Perfume is the costliest variety that comes with more natural oils blended with alcohol and creates a long-lasting signature smell for you.

Fragrance Families

The best Arabian perfumes are from four basic fragrance families,

  • Floral or sweet
  • Fresh, citrus or fruity
  • Oriental and spicy
  • Woody and chypre

So, if you are choosing the best Arabian perfume for ladies with a floral note, you can go for Basra that comes with a tone of roses. For a fruity and refreshing tone, you can go for Bint Al Sultan, the signature Arabian perfume with mango, cassis, and orange.

Tips for Choosing the Right One

Now, let’s come to the main discussion. As you are already familiar with the basic types and families of fragrances, now, let’s dive to know how you can choose the best scent that will become your signature perfume.

  1. While choosing the perfume, instead of the top notes, pay attention to the base note. The top notes will hit you immediately but fade while the base note will linger.
  2. Perfumes should be different depending on the mood, occasion, season, time of the day, and so on. So, it is a better idea to have perfumes from every family. For example, choose Durrat Al Aswad from Reehat Al Atoor for a refreshing positive mood. While going on a date night, pick a bottle of Majmuat Al Bahrain for the subtle and classy blend of patchouli, rose, amber and saffron.
  3. Think of the skin type when you are choosing your perfume. While the drier skin can result in faster fading of the fragrance, you can resolve the issue by applying some petroleum jelly.
  4. The perfume you are choosing will be with you for the whole day, making you feel positive while shaping your mood. Hence, it is important that you think of choosing the note you love while shopping for perfume. Only then you will be able to enjoy the fragrance for the whole day.
  5. The time for shopping for perfume is crucial if you are buying it offline from an Arabic perfume store. Go in the afternoon or evening. Your sense of smell gets sharper in the latter part of the day. Also, the weather will be warmer to choose the right fragrance.
  6. Instead of spraying on your skin, spray it on a card first. Only then you will be able to know what smell it is. Only when it is appealing enough, try it on your skin.
  7. Trying all perfumes at once can be overwhelming for your olfactory perceptions. As a result, you won’t be able to choose the right one. So, take a few breaks between choosing. You might find a jar of coffee beans on the store count as a palate cleanser. Take a whiff from that.

With these ideas, choosing the best Arabian perfumes for ladies will become an easy feat. Keep these ideas in mind and start splurging on the best perfume collections.

A Special Mention

When you are shopping for Arabian fragrances, you cannot ignore the charm and elegance of their natural oils, Oud and Bukhoor. In the Middle East, they don’t only blend different natural tones for creating the perfumes but also bottle up the unique scent of wood in natural oils, oud, and Bukhoor which can exude a rich scent that will entice your senses. Oud and Bukhoor both come from wood which exudes the natural rich smell adding a distinct aura to the wearer. So, if you are getting your hands on Bukhoor Bahraini or Dehnal Oud Oil, purchase them without a second thought. They will take your fragrance collection to a different level. Also, Amber Oil or Adventure Oil can be some of the perfect picks for you to create a magical appeal with every spritz. So, now as you know how you can shop for the most exotic Arabic luxury perfumes that will exude oriental charm and rich appeal of Arabian heritage, what are you waiting for? Now, all you have to do is find the right store and explore their collection keeping these ideas in mind. You are just one step away from finding your signature scent.