Sequin Top

Partying is more fun when wearing a sequin top to be the star of the night. It is a common outfit worn by celebrities, like Michael Jackson. Sequined outfits symbolize wealth in the Middle East countries though it is not as popular as in the 1920s. A lot of clothing designers include sequins as one of the main materials in many dress collections.

The use of sequins on garments was elevated in the 1970s wherein people became so in love with disco vibes. Their wardrobe is shiny and glamorous enough to catch the attention of the other attendees.

Present partygoers may or may not choose to wear sequined dresses due to multiple choices of wardrobe. However, there are a few people who still want to shimmer outfits made of sequins.

Wearing the best sequin top in the market can make you stand out during Mardi Gras parties. So, below is a list of ideas that you can consider when buying your outfits.

Sequined Tops Ideas For Women

Most of the attendees during disco parties are women. It could be the best time for them to find new friends or just flaunt a beautiful outfit. They can choose from many types of sequined tops, such as:

Tank Top

Going to a disco party wearing a simple tank top with a few sequin designs can save your night. It is a versatile type of outfit that is perfect for practice and the actual performance. It balances the overall outfit with anything at the bottom.

This top is very lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. Nonetheless, it gives life to the whole outfit that highlights your every move on the dance floor. There will be no hassle to move around and mingling with your new friends.

A tank top is not only ideal for disco but also other types of dance, such as jazz and hip hop. It has no extra accessories that may distract you while dancing.

Body Chain Bra

Dancing with daring moves makes a sequined body chain bra a good outfit to try. It is eye-catching because of its elegant design that is perfect for a party. The audience will be in awe just by witnessing your sequined top. Choose a color that will suit your personality and the type of performance you would like to portray.

In addition to that, this bra outfit is also fine for casual events or on days that you do not even need to perform.

Halter Neck Bra

Another sexy top made of sequins is a halter neck bra. It is similar to the previous options in that it is lightweight and easy to wear. The fitting is simple and yet can make you look really seductive as you perform on the dance floor.

The best feature of a halter neck bra is being breathable so that you can easily move around and be comfortable at the same time. It is additionally flexible and wearing it does not indicate you must perform. It best suits special events like Mardi Gras that will make you more beautiful.

Dance Costume

Most of the sequined dresses are intended for dancers who will perform during the party. If someone is well-dressed, it adds up to their confidence to deliver the best-ever performance. Unlike the prior items, this one requires extra sequins to make the outfit more elegant to wear.

Sequined Tops Ideas For Men

The gents can also wear sequined tops to appear more attractive during the party. It won’t compromise gender because fashion is for everyone. Here is a list of outfits that can meet men’s taste for fashion:

Mesh Top

Men having participation on the dance floor is so pleasing. They can complete the party while wearing the best sequin mesh top. It is a unique kind of outfit and very classy to wear. Surely, the men will catch so many attentions when they are dressed well

You can also pull it off when pairing it with a long sleeve. It won’t sacrifice comfort even if worn for long hours. It is best recommended for casual parties and also if you want to be all-out on the dance floor. It will enhance the overall look of a man that chooses to wear a mesh top with enough sequins on it.


The second best party outfit for men is a cardigan with sequins all over it. It is to show off the body in case you would like. The clothing is flashy that could catch more attention to own the night. It best matches the long bottom to achieve an 80s look.

Final Thoughts

Attending a party with nice Charismatico Dancewear is crucial to appear pretty among the crowd. Look for a seller that guarantees quality sequin materials attached to the dress to ensure long-lasting wear. Find a sequined top based on your activities during the party. For instance, if you would like to get wild on the dance floor, a lightweight dress is highly recommended for better comfort. Some of the dresses can be suitable for any party event, aside from Mardi Gras, for more versatile use. Do not forget to evaluate the right color and design of the sequined top before getting one or two. Last but not least, choose a top with a unique and elegant style so that you could have fun for the rest of the night.