Cottagecore Aesthetic

One only has to look at fashion’s runways to see how style trends often take off. The now popular cottagecore aesthetic really started popping up in May of 2020 at the Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Jacquemus shows. This appealed to those who wanted an idyllic lifestyle and the beauty nature offers. The clothing began to reflect the cottagecore movement, and social media took it viral.

What Is Cottagecore?

The inspiration for cottagecore comes from a number of places such as the nostalgic lifestyle of the English countryside. Others know it as an example of slow living, where there’s a desire to reconnect to nature. For some, cottagecore is living eco-consciously and an uncomplicated way of life. You can see it mirrored in the loose-fitting clothing with details such as peasant sleeves, cozy embroidered sweaters, and small floral patterns. Cottagecore is an idyllic, quaint and minimalist fashion expression that works effortlessly.

Style Tip 1: Flowy Dresses

To achieve the cottagecore look, think of lightweight fabrics and a flowing silhouette that looks as lovely when layered. Cute dresses in midi and maxi lengths with pretty details such as white eyelets, statement sleeves or elegant tiers create timeless elegance. You can also accentuate your waist with a satin belt or one of leather, or try a vest to highlight the bodice. There are multiple ways to take cottagecore to your personal style level, and a flowy dress is the best piece to start with.

Style Tip 2: Natural Tones

Another fashion recommendation when styling your cottagecore ensemble comes down to the color palette. The aesthetic is inspired by a muted color collection. Consider buying pieces that feature natural and earthy tones, including shades of moss, fern, taupe, ivory, beige and burnt orange. Potato brown is another earthy tone that has been trending high for two years now.

Also, light blue, butter, pale pink and minty green are pastel shades that enhance the cottagecore aesthetic. A pastel-colored dress and other pieces embody the trend with a soft, old-fashioned charm.

Style Tip 3: Floral Prints

Florals are staples of the cottagecore vibe, and this is a classic pattern that never gets old. A floral dress with striking peasant sleeves and a smocked bodice is gorgeous for outdoor events like weddings or brunches. Look for tiny floral patterns or vintage prints on skirts and blouses, too. The effect is delicate and romantic and enhances your appearance against nature’s beautiful backdrop.

The cottagecore aesthetic is never constructed of sharp silhouettes or strong shoulders or form-fitting garments. The bucolic-style pieces flow with ease and comfort. You could easily walk through a beautiful lavender field wearing them.

Style Tip 4: Lace Details

Source: Victoria Chudinova/

It’s no secret that lace is one of the finest, most delicate fabrics. Lace can also make an outfit look glamorous, sexy, traditional and more. Lace details in white or ivory make the cottagecore aesthetic appear extra special and even expensive. When creating this fashion vibe, choose pieces that feature lace details along a high-neck blouse, for example. Or try on a dress with a lace hem or statement sleeves with a lace border.

Lace is exquisite and always soft and feminine, and it gives dimension to any outfit.

Style Tip 5: Dainty Blouses

You can never go wrong with graceful cute blouses in expressing your personal cottagecore style. You have lovely options, too, such as flowing, gauzy tunics and lightweight, oversized button-up tops. These are perfect for layering a dainty camisole or an eyelet corset top underneath. You can also choose blouses with lovely bows and collars to create a charming outfit.

You can even pair jeans with a dainty blouse to wear the cottagecore trend in a subtle and contemporary way.

Style Tip 6: Embroidered Cardigans

The cozy, loose cardigan with pretty sprinkles of embroidery is another way of embracing this charming style. It’s all about vintage-inspired knitwear that never constricts the body or feels uncomfortable to wear. An embroidered cardigan made from natural materials like wool looks lovely worn with a flowing skirt or dress or a pair of overalls. A cotton or linen cardigan is another natural fabric option to consider.

Style Tip 7: Straw Hats and Handbags

Source: Kseniia Titova/

Straw hats come in a large variety of designs, fabrics and pretty details such as floppy brims, ribbons, linen straps, etc. Hats can add interesting texture to your look and are ideal for spending time outdoors. Maybe you’re heading to the strawberry patch or taking in an afternoon concert. You’re getting protection from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, and a straw hat allows a bucolic dress or skirt to look pulled together. The old-fashioned accessory plays into the natural theme of cottagecore. You can also carry a straw handbag as part of your outfit. These humble carryalls come in multiple woven styles. Maybe for you, it’s a straw crossbody bag or perhaps, a roomy, raffia tote. A straw handbag is all about summer, nature and minimalist fashion. When it’s made of real straw, it’s an example of sustainable fashion, an eco-friendly gesture.

Life Isn’t Always So Simple, But Your Fashion Choices Can Be

Living is challenging and can cause anxiety and stress, and maybe that’s why certain fashion cycles appear. These style trends can lend beauty and confidence to one’s appearance and mood. Cottagecore aesthetic comes down to pretty clothing pieces that have a practicality to them. It’s accessible fashion that doesn’t rely on high-maintenance designer wardrobes, and for many, that’s refreshing.