Nikita Karizma

The allure…The notoriety…The art of attention to detail. All of this and more awaits those who choose a career as a fashion designer. Is a passion for making garments, however, enough to make a decent designer? While answering this question, the famous fashion designer Nikita Karizma shares that fashion designing is much more than only a passion for creating clothes.

Nikita is a young designer who opened her namesake designer studio after graduating from the London College of Fashion. Her unique designs and exquisite fashion pieces have made her highly popular amongst influencers and celebrities. With her highly creative work, she has made a huge fandom among top film stars from different film industries. Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are two of them who personally approached Nikita for her outstanding outfits.

The British-Indian designer explains that today’s fashion industry is hugely competitive. If you want to work in this field, you’ll need to put in more effort and learn a variety of new abilities. It’s not just about receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design; it’s also about understanding Visual Arts, General Design, and even Graphic Design. If you genuinely want to be the best, you must do so.

Sharing why Nikita decided to become a fashion designer, the designer summarized her journey in the following points.

Learn and Relearn

“Fashion is a fast-paced, fascinating sector that is full of creativity and glitz,” Nikita shares. Apart from the opportunity to travel, one also can work with clients from other backgrounds and cultures, gaining valuable job experience. Nikita was already mingled with celebrities from the age of 16, interviewing them in London media. “This implies putting more pressure on yourself to achieve and deliver at your best,” Nikita confessed. She highly recommends that before deciding on a career path, it’s critical to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each profile.

Unlimited Progression

The talented designer shares that she pursued the fashion industry because the industry’s eternal progression inspired her. It is a place where one must master both the nitty-gritty of ground-level work and the top-down managerial spirit. Starting small simply refine your professional and technical skills. The journey from one step to another allows you to get precise details, necessary knowledge, and abilities to improve your overall performance and confidence.

Fostering Bonds

Last but not least, Nikita suggests that her experience of running a designer brand taught her that if you’re thinking about starting your own business, your contacts and clientele may be able to provide you with helpful advice. Nikita loves to work in the fashion industry because it educates you on forming ties with individuals from all walks of life, which could be beneficial in any business venture you embark on.