Oleksandra Starynets Fashion Influencer interview

let me introduce myself my name is Oleksandra Starynets. I have over 100k followers on Social Channels. I am a professional model and influencer with extensive international experience in over 10 countries. I have more than 50 covers of glossy magazines around the world. Now I am 19 years old and I am on Wikipedia as the youngest model who, at the age of 18, had more than 25 world glossy covers. In my first modeling contract, I flew to Asia at the age of 15 – a great age to start. then I already quite well understood what I needed to strive for, I was ready to take responsibility and I did not need to be additionally motivated and then there was Paris (France), Italy, Taiwan, Spain, Cyprus, Vietnam, Cairo (Egypt), Turkey and again France, and again Paris, and again the Cote d’Azur.

For most people, being a Model is associated with a luxurious lifestyle: parties, posing for cameras and traveling to different countries. In fact, this profession involves daily hard work.

This Profession Has Many Advantages

The opportunity to visit different countries from a young age, soak up the culture of different peoples and their traditions, flexible work schedule; combining work with other areas of activity and study. Now I am still studying at my dream university in Switzerland. But the most important advantage lies in the ability to penetrate the society of creative individuals. Of course, there are some difficulties in this profession. The modeling business is highly competitive. To stand out from the crowd at the casting, it is not enough to have a memorable appearance and extraordinary diligence. Personality is highly valued these days. your special skills. for example in sports , or you are a famous blogger or you have acting skills.

A model must always look good, otherwise her career is doomed to failure. Working on yourself takes a lot of effort. To keep fit, I exercise regularly. Now I am passionate about Thai boxing and you can see stories about it on my Instagram. Also, 3 times a week, I work out in the gym with a personal trainer who makes sure that my muscles do not pump over, but the body remains dry and toned. Stretching is also very useful. At least once a week. I also added shooting once a week. It develops reaction and trains character. All this you will need in the work of the model. Since childhood, I have been swimming in oriental martial arts. My father was my coach. These skills help me a lot when shooting sportswear. Once there was an underwater shoot and I could do tricks underwater while holding my breath. The entire film crew was delighted!

The Basics of Acting are also very Important.

As well as correct speech, knowledge of English, because you often have to take part in various shows and give interviews for fashion magazines. I filmed a video for the Egyptian government for 10 days. Shooting lasted from 8 to 16 hours a day! Under the hot sun of the ruins of the old city or on the move of a moving cabriolet. I filmed for a video of beauty clinics, where you need to remember and speak long texts, Girls, learn English, this will help you a lot. Be clean and stylish at auditions. Always carry your favorite perfume with you. Let the veil of smell on the subconscious be deposited in the memory of the Clint’s. And dream! Dreams Come True. when I was little I had a fashion magazine, I looked at it and dreamed of decorating such a cover one day. Now I have more than 50 covers of world glosses!

There has been a war going on in my country for over a year now. In this difficult time, I continue to work to support the army of my country, to support my family. Finally, I want to thank my parents for supporting me in everything. And please call your grandparents. Hug them one more time. they really need it.

Model: Oleksandra Starynets @sashastarynets

Photographer: Sapozhnik Iryna

Brand: Bella Barnett