Best organic and Natural hair dyes

With the changes in lifestyle and eating habits, many people are facing hair problems. There are many ways to protect your hair and make them beautiful. You can try various hair products or hairstyles to make your overall personality attractive. Moreover, when it comes to hair dyes there are thousands of options available and you can try them. But many dyes consist of harmful chemicals that can have an adverse effect on your hair. So, you can choose to use organic or natural products to dye your hair in an effective manner. Hence, below in this post, we are giving you a list of the best organic and natural dyes that you must go for.

List of the Best Organic and Natural Dyes:


If you are looking for a well-known product in the world of natural dyes then you must choose Herbatint. This natural hair dye is a brand from Italy made from a blend of various natural products such as walnut husks, rosemary, and others. Additionally, it gives intense color and is free of alcohol, parabens, and ammonia.

Mayraki Hair Dye Shampoo

This organic hair dye shampoo is for those people who don’t want to apply dye separately. In Mayraki Hair Dye Shampoo, as its name suggests, there is a blend of dye and shampoo. You have to simply apply it on the scalp, massage the scalp and hair and wait for approximately 40 minutes. After that rinse out and you will be amazed to see your perfectly dyed hair naturally.

Biolage Hair Dye

Biolage hair dye is for those who are looking for a hair dye that is about 82% to 100% plant-based. This has a wide array of shades that you can from as per your choice such as natural brown to trendy rainbow shades. Also, you can apply it simply on your hair by mixing it in water and is available at market-leading prices.

Surya Brasil

Next on the list of the best organic and natural hair dyes is Surya Brasil. This popular hair dye is made using many oils and botanical extracts such as Malva and Babacu seed oils. Surya Brasil is also used as a conditioner and protects the hair from damage. Apart from this, as per the length and volume of your hair, you can use one or two packets and get the best results.

Saach Organics

If you have damaged and rough hair and you want to use a natural dye then you can go for Saach Organics. It consists of natural oils and herbs that are beneficial for the growth of the hair. This natural dye gives a stable color that lasts for many weeks and covers the grey hair in an efficient manner. Besides, Saach Organics dye is even suitable for hypersensitive skins as well.

The Henna Guys

Another natural hairdye that is made for the people with sensitive skin, pregnant, or breastfeeding ladies is ‘The Henna Guys’. This is made using various premium certified organic herbs and enhances the hair’s volume. The Henna Guys also works great as a conditioner and you can buy it at pocket-friendly rates.

Maria Nila Colour Refresh

This ammonia-free and 100% natural hair dye is available in different shades and has certifications from the Vegan Society and PETA. One of the active ingredients in this hair dye is Argon oil which gives your hair a shiny look as well. In addition to this, this hair dye also resolves hair issues such as premature graying and roughness.

Final Words

It’s always good to use organic products for your hair and skin. For hair, you should choose organic hair dyes that contain natural herbs and oils. So, you easily choose from the natural hair dyes that are given above in this post. Additionally, all the mentioned products are safe for your hair and last from 5 to 10 shampoos.