best sustainable clothing brands

With the passage of time, people are becoming more serious about sustainability as well trying to lessen their impact on the earth. That’s why nowadays the number of ethical clothing brands and sustainable fashion brands are emerging for meeting the demands and changing the fashion business for the betterment of the environment. The various brands are working thoroughly to help make a difference and address social and environmental concerns.

Hence, in this post, we are giving you a list of the best sustainable clothing brands that you must know!

Levi’s –

Levi’s is well-known for denim all over the world and advertises eco-friendly practices. To make one pair of jeans take more than 2,000 gallons of water but Levi’s focus on eco-friendly practices such as ethically sourced cotton, reducing water use, Second-hand, and a commerce program. In addition to this, the brand shares its in-depth sustainability promises publically all through the product lifecycle.

Everlane –

Everlane is counted amongst those ethical fashion brands that show its mark-up procedure for every single garment as well showcase factories for providing an idea of where it is sourced. A few months ago, this brand also announced an upsurge in recycled materials in its products and changed to FSC-certified packaging. Besides, it sells clothing, footwear, accessories, outerwear, plus styles for men, and lots more.

Pact –

Pact is known for manufacturing soft clothes and using organic materials as well as good labor practices. All the cotton garments of the Pact are certified organic by GOTS and people know the whole manufacturing process that follows all the organic guidelines. The company does fair trade clothing and offers organic cotton clothing. Moreover, Pact manufacture clothing items for men, kids, and children basics.

Reformation –

Based in California USA, Reformation is on a task to be climate positive by the year 2025. Reformation is planning to attain this progressive goal using fabrics with reformative fibers such as cotton and wool, reducing emissions, and spending in renewable energy in their supply chain directly. The brand manufactures sustainable jeans, leggings, shorts, tops, and others.

Tentree –

Tentree is counted amongst those sustainable fashion brands that are involved in Earth-first essentials for the entire family. As their name suggests, the company also cares about trees. They are known for planting 10 trees with each purchase made on their site, adding up more than 52,000,000 and growing efficiently. They make use of the utmost sustainable materials that include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and others.

Outerknown –

Next on the list of the best sustainable clothing brands is Outerknown. The aim of this brand is to blend fashion and style by defending natural resources. The men’s trunks made by the Outerknown are manufactured with recycled fibers, fishing nets and aim to get rejuvenated fabric usage to up 100%. Furthermore, the product range of this brand comprises adult clothing, swimwear, bags, accessories, and others.

Aday –

This is counted amongst those non-fast fashion brands that are dedicated to responsibly sourced materials. This includes Recycled Scuba which is a soft flexible fabric made from reprocessed water bottles. Most of the factories of Aday use recycled materials, solar-powered as well as involved in recycling the water that is used during the entire production process. This brand offers loungewear, apparel for women, accessories, and is best known for elevated workwear.

Tradlands –

Tradlands was created on a promise to slow fashion. This means production in small batches, heirloom-quality skill, traceable sourcing, and production. Its strict standards make sure that every piece purchased by a customer is of the best quality as well as made sustainably. Hence, this women’s apparel brand is one of the successful sustainable fashion brands.

Eileen Fisher –

Eileen Fisher manufactures ethical, clothes designed to work together, and be a part of a responsible life cycle. This brand is committed to being a leader in round systems which means taking back old pieces of clothes and whenever possible making new apparel. In addition to this, in case the clothing isn’t worthy enough to be resold, then using some felting techniques it’ll turn the fabric into art.

People Tree –

People Tree is involved in selling a wide range of women’s clothing and offers awesome dresses. It chooses materials such as Tencel lyocell, organic cotton, and low-impact dyes throughout production. Hence, this is one of those non fast fashion brands, whose products are verified by the WFTO. (World Fair Trade Organisation).

Final Words

Ethical and sustainable usually involve making the dyes from eco-friendly clothing materials, durable fabrics, and in the production process using durable fabrics. Also, ethical clothing brands make clothes with sustainable fibers that are far better as compared to conventional ones. Hence, all the best sustainable clothing brands mentioned above post-offer clothes at reasonable prices.