Traditional Sukajan T-shirts

Thinking of buying a Sukajan T-shirt this summer? They are super popular these days and also this season’s hottest new trend! Sukajan T-shirts are brightly colored, inspired by Japanese street fashion, and made from the finest cotton. The cultural origins of the Sukajan T-shirt are fascinating, you’re sure to have seen one on your television screen, in many high-profile shows, music videos, and movies.

If you want to know more about the history of the Sukajan T-shirt and who’s wearing them; here’s everything you should know.

The History of Sukajan T-shirt

Originally, the Sukajan Jackets, worn by American soldiers to remember the time they spent in Asia. These jackets were the perfect combination of western and eastern philosophies. Some traditional Asian icons, such as dragons and cherry blossoms sat alongside more conventionally; American symbols, such as boldly written slogans and flying eagles, the Sukajan T-shirts were inspired by this new fashion style, they were all about customization and messaging, so the Sukajan you pick for yourself must have something that represents your personality.

Traditional Sukajan T-shirts are made from cotton, although it is also possible to choose T-shirts constructed from thicker and more durable materials that have the same embroidery style and detailing. Each Sukajan T-shirt was commissioned to be unique and personal to the people who wore it, the good news is that NOVMTL has some incredible, wonderful, and authentic replicas available right now. These are easier to wear, and constructed from modern, high-quality materials.

The Sukajan T-shirt in Pop Culture

Sukajan T-shirts are highly sought-after T-shirts that quickly became pop culture icons on both sides of the pond. During the 1960s, young people in Japan incorporated Sukajan T-shirts into their wardrobes. In post-war Japan, people choose to wear a Sukajan T-shirt as a sign of rebellion, and then it became a gang symbol. This style came popular quickly around the world among stars from Hollywood and famous musical icons.

Celebrity Fans of the Sukajan T-shirt

The Sukajan T-shirt has a celebrity following, many celebrities added a modern and fashion-forward twist to this stylish and fashion-forward item. Meanwhile, female celebrities prove that Sukajan T-shirts are versatile pieces that can be worn for different occasions. It’s not just celebrities that are excited about adding Sukajan T-shirts to their armories!

Make the Sukajan T-shirt look right

Modern Sukajan T-shirts are usually made in bright and vibrant colors, and covered in ornate and garish embroidery. You should expect to see an oversized embroidered design featuring bold iconography on the back of the T-shirt and two smaller (but complimentary) embroidered designs on each panel at the front of the T-shirt.

The Sukajan T-shirt is so eye-catching and extravagant. Moreover, the best way to wear it is to keep the rest of your outfit as simple, sober as possible; so that you’re t-shirt looks attractive with plain dark denim jeans or any simple pants.

If you have a darker Sukajan T-shirt then the rest of your outfit can be more experimental. You can add an extra pop of unexpected color with it. In addition to it, you can wear vibrant colored sneakers, blue jeans, or boots with them. These minimal additions can add a youthful feel to your outfit. However you choose to wear it, one thing’s for sure: your Sukajan T-shirt will always look bang on trend!