Women’s shoes

When it comes to fashion, women pay lots of attention to their dress, makeup, and other accessories such as purses, hats, etc. But shoes are an integral part of your overall fashion sense and can be worn for various different purposes. Women’s shoes can be categorized into different categories such as women’s running shoes, women’s training shoes, professional shoes, and many others. On the other hand, there are some myths about women’s shoes that are given below in this post.

Different Myths About Women’s Shoes

Women’s running shoes are for running only

Unlike its name, women’s running shoes, these shoes can be worn casually. You can wear them with jeans and a nice short dress to make a new style statement. It looks very chic and gives you more comfort as compared to typical heels or sandals. Choose a good pair of running shoes and you are good to go.

For sports barefoot are not suitable

Another myth is that people think barefoot shoes are not made for sports. If the wearer walks with these shoes comfortably then she can wear them for sports activities as well. When it comes to women’s shoes Australia then many women prefer these barefoot shoes because they give feet space so that one can run easily.

High-Top shoes are suitable for the support of ankle

Many women think that if they wear high-top shoes while trekking then it will avoid a sprain on the trail. But it is not so, there are many trekking conditions in which if you do not walk properly then you will suffer an ankle sprain and these shoes will not prevent you from that condition.

Running shoes can make you run fast

This is one of the oldest and most popular myths about the running shoes. Besides, the truth is that a good pair of shoes can you make you feel to run fast and may be comfortable. But the actual skills of running come from your heart, muscles, and lungs. So, you can’t totally depend on shoes for running.

You can run pain-free with orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic insoles are developed in such a way that they give your feet the required stability which the knee and foot muscles are not able to deliver completely. So, it is believed that these shoes allow you to run without any pain. But it is not totally true as running shoes are designed with extra support and cushioning and the wearer’s foot can tend toward imbalances and misalignments. Moreover, you can go for a good pair of orthopedic running shoes after going through the women’s shoes size chart and buying accordingly.

Lightweight women’s shoes are faster

Faster running not only depends on the weight of your shoes. It also depends on the running form, body weight as well as level of training. Women’s training shoes that are lightly weighted can overload the body of beginners who do not have the proper muscular stability needed. Thus, in this case, wearing heavy shoes is a better option as they give proper control of the foot.

There is the best running shoe that you can choose

No doubt, that everyone wants best for them whether its shoes or anything else. So, the myth is that there is the best running shoe that you can choose. But the fact is no running shoe is best because these shoes are designed for different feet, types of running, and strides. So, Australia women’s shoes for running are available in different forms and you can pick them as per your comfort and running abilities.

Feet need cushioning while walking

It is believed that feet require cushioning for running, walking, hiking, and other activities for absorbing the impact of these types of activities. But it is not so, because in actuality the feet need is support. In addition to this, shoes with cushioned soles not only fail to offer sufficient support but also obstruct the placement of the foot properly on landings. This is so because the feet cannot absorb the impact in a proper manner. Hence, while shopping for women’s walking shoes you shouldn’t not only focus on the cushioning soles but on the other things as well.

Final Words

With the passage of time and technology women customers have learned a lot about different types of shoes, which to buy, and many more. You must go through the women’s shoes size chart before buying women’s training shoes, walking shoes, or others to get a good-fitting pair of shoes. Nowadays in the market, there is a wide range of women’s shoes available but while buying them you must not believe in the myths given above in the post. Hence, hopefully after going through this article, you’ve gained more knowledge about the women’s shoes myths that you shouldn’t believe.