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Having dry skin is one of the most common skin conditions and is medically known as “xerosis”. However, the reasons contributing to dry skin are a lot, from hot showers to change in weather, lack of natural oil in your skin to daily bathing habits. Sometimes even the use of moisturiser is not beneficial. Worrying about dry skin is valid but let us tell you that you don’t have to worry anymore as there are many products available in the market that work wonders for dry skin. You might have heard a lot about hyaluronic acid, it is basically a slippery and gooey substance that the body produces naturally but as we age, the amount the body produces this acid drops significantly with time and that’s why people use products that include hyaluronic acid. It not only minimises the signs of ageing but does a super awesome job to moisturise the skin. However, that’s not all! Earth Rhythm offers super-amazing products that can help improve the skin texture and can also cure dry skin completely. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss about the following:

  • Clean the Skin with Best Suited Face Wash
  • Lock the Moisture in Your Skin by Using Butter Soaps
  • Apply Hyaluronic Acid to Hydrate the Skin
  • Use Moisturiser That Deeply Hydrates

Gentle Face Washing with Foaming Face Cleanser

It is very important to use a gentle, alcohol-free face cleanser to lock the moisture in the skin. Foaming cleansers or cream-basedcleansers are usually the gentler option to prevent the skin from drying out. You can use Earth Rhythm’s Phyto Ceramide Foaming Cleanser which is enriched with ceramides and hence helps to keep the moisture intact while preventing the skin from irritation and dryness. Moreover, the ceramides present in this foaming cleanser not only moisturize the dry skin but also works as a protecting agent for the epidermis and have anti-aging effects too. So, don’t wait to give your skin the much-needed care.

Bathe Using Butter Soaps & Lock the Moisture

Sometimes long showers and hot water also affects the skin and can make your skin condition worse. Hot showers often lead to dry skin and can cause irritation and hence it is important to limit the bath time and use mild water for bathing. However, sometimes your soap or body wash also plays a significant role in drying out skin. A perfect solution to get rid of this concern is to use butter cream soaps. These soaps protect your skin from free radicals and help to moisturise the dry skin while making it supple, soft, and smooth. You can choose the best butter cream soap from us.

Hydrate Your Skin with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid for skin is a remarkable substance and it is very good at retaining water. If you don’t know, a quarter teaspoon of hyaluronic acid can hold about one and a half gallons of water and hence works as a perfect hydrating agent for your skin. Moreover, to cure dry skin, you can use Earth Rhythm’s Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum as it goes deep into your skin and helps your skin to stay hydrated soft and plump. It is also known to repair and nourish the damaged skin. So, order now and say goodbye to all your worries related to dry skin.

Use Moisturiser That Helps To Repair Damage Skin

phyto ceramide moisturizer

If you have dry skin then applying the right moisturiser can really help in improving the texture of the skin. Choose a moisturiser that hydrates your skin while leaving it visibly smooth and supple. A perfect moisturiser can make your skin look youthful and radiant. To cure dry skin concern, you can use Earth Rhythm’s Phyto Ceramide Deep Moisturiser. This moisturizer for dry skin offers a pure hydrating formula and has replenishing ingredients that firm the skin and strengthen the natural moisture, and prevent your skin from environmental damage too while protecting the epidermis


Dry skin is definitely a concern but not that big of a concern that can’t be cured. So, don’t stress yourself much and use the right products to get rid of dryness. Use the above mentioned products that work as magic for dry skin and other related concerns. However, if the above mentioned products and hyaluronic acid serum does not relieve your concern then consult a dermatologist to have a better understanding about your skin type and skin condition.

Author Name: Apoorva Shukla
BIO: Apoorva loves to write attention-grabbing content in different genres. She owns 6+ years of experience in travel, automobiles, and skincare writing. For more, you can follow her @trendingtrails on Instagram.