Wedding Invitation Ideas

There are many creative and humorous ways to give out wedding invitations. Some people give out very clever and amusing wedding invitation ideas that are more like an enactment of a short movie. You will be surprised at how unique and extraordinary your wedding invitation looks. You can make the bride and groom the centre of attraction on your wedding invitation even before the guests attend the wedding ceremony. The most important thing you need to do is to consider your guests generously, what they might expect from your wedding invitation, and what would become a part of your special day.

Tell the Couple’s Tale

You can put the couple’s tale on your wedding invitation. Tell your guests how you met the bride or groom and what happened on your dating days. This is a great way to get your guests to know each other more, especially the bride and groom since they will share the rest of their lives.

Show Passion For Food

Food is a significant part of a wedding. You can show your passion for food and make it a theme on your wedding invitation, especially if you are planning to have a buffet-style wedding reception or have a significant background in food. You can write or print the menu or the menu cards on your wedding invitation and make it one of the main features of your wedding invitation.

Show as an Opportunity to Catch up

You can describe your wedding invitation as an opportunity where you can flaunt your best features and make it something to catch up on. Put the couple’s picture in different outfits and make it one of the main attractions on your wedding invitation. This will tell your guests that you sought inspiration from other couples and sometimes even copied their ideas.

Theme Matching with Destination

You can put a theme matching your wedding destination on the wedding invitation. You can use colours, costumes, and accessories to match your wedding destination, making it one of its main attractions. Theme matching will help you to get more guests for your wedding ceremony or reception.

Tell about Competitions at the Wedding

You can tell a hilarious story about something like a competition or a game to be played by your guests. This is a creative and humorous way of inviting your guests to the wedding ceremony. You can also put the bride and groom on each side of the wedding invitation in their best clothes on the theme matching the destination.

Tell about the Expenses

You can tell your guests that they should be prepared that they will spend so much if they are going to attend your wedding ceremony or reception. You can also ask them to bring their wallets when attending your wedding ceremony or reception since you will make it one big party with lots of food, drinks, and other things needed for a reception or ceremony.

An Invitation to a Promotion Party Instead

You can give out your wedding invitation as an invitation to a promotion party instead. This is very innovative since you are not asking your guests to come but rather asking them to promote your wedding. You will gather many people if you invite your guests this way, so it is always better to ask them to encourage rather than come.

Assign a job to your guests in the invitation

You can assign a job to your wedding invitation. This is very creative since you can give every guest a task in the wedding invitation. Instead of telling them to bring you the money for your wedding, you will be telling them to get you something from your old home that means something special to the couple.

Quirky and funny Invitations

You can also make your wedding invitation a creative design or place funny photos of the couple on the invitation. This is a very clever way of making your wedding invitation since you are making it look like photo art that belongs to artists. You can also add funny captions to the pictures to make them sound more interesting.

There are different ways to make your wedding invitation, and it is up to you how creative and funny you want to make your wedding invitation. Creative video wedding invitations are a very creative and modern way to give out your wedding invitation. Still, you can choose the normal or even the traditional one if you have a formal wedding.