Sun Protective Clothing Brands

With growing awareness of the importance of sun protection and ethical consumerism, the demand for sun-protective clothing that aligns with both criteria has surged. Ethical sun-protective clothing brands offer effective shielding from UV radiation and uphold values related to sustainability and responsible production. This article will delve into ten brands prioritizing sun safety and ethical considerations.


A pioneer in ethical practices, Patagonia’s sun-protective clothing line offers UPF-rated garments and showcases the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Made from recycled materials, these garments contribute to reducing waste. Patagonia’s dedication to fair labor practices and supply chain transparency ensures its products are ethically manufactured.


prAna’s versatile and stylish sun-protective clothing collection is a testament to its commitment to sustainability. By incorporating UPF technology, prAna caters to those seeking sun safety and eco-conscious choices. Their use of organic materials and support for fair trade practices exemplify their ethical stance.


Coolibar is a sun-protective clothing specialist offering an array of UPF-rated options. What sets Coolibar apart is its strong emphasis on ethical production. The brand employs sustainable materials and manufacturing processes while promoting skin cancer awareness campaigns. By choosing Coolibar, consumers contribute to both their well-being and ethical practices.


Toad&Co bridges the gap between style and sustainability in its sun-protective clothing offerings. With a focus on organic and recycled materials, Toad&Co ensures its products are fashionable and eco-friendly. Ethical production practices and fair labor conditions underline the brand’s commitment to responsible manufacturing.


Combining innovation with ethics, yoursummerskin’s unique approach involves planting ten trees for every item purchased. This dedication to reforestation is evident in their sun-protective clothing range, which reflects a blend of environmental consciousness and sun safety. By supporting yoursummerskin, consumers protect their skin and contribute to global sustainability.


Sunski specializes in UPF-rated sunglasses and sun protective clothing, catering to those seeking comprehensive sun safety. Their commitment to ethical practices is demonstrated by their use of recycled materials and responsible manufacturing. Sunski’s products embody a balance of function, style, and ethics.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research is committed to producing high-quality sun-protective clothing while minimizing environmental impact. Their UPF-rated garments are designed for outdoor activities, ensuring sun safety without compromising ethics. The brand’s efforts toward sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing make them a reliable choice for conscious consumers.

United by Blue

United by Blue’s sun protective clothing offerings reflect their dedication to ocean conservation. With each purchase, the brand pledges to remove a pound of trash from oceans and waterways. Their ethical practices extend to materials, manufacturing, and environmental stewardship.


Cotopaxi’s social and environmental responsibility commitment shines through in its sun-protective clothing line. Their products feature UPF protection and focus on minimizing waste and maximizing positive social impact. Cotopaxi’s “Gear For Good” mantra embodies its ethical ethos.


EcoStinger specializes in full-body sun-protective swimsuits and activewear. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of eco-friendly fabrics and water-based inks. Ethical production practices and their dedication to reducing plastic waste make EcoStinger a noteworthy option for conscious sun protection.


Balancing sun safety with ethical choices is important in today’s consumer landscape. The ten highlighted brands, including Patagonia, prAna, Coolibar, Toad&Co, tentree, Sunski, Outdoor Research, United by Blue, Cotopaxi, and EcoStinger, showcase the possibilities of merging effective UV protection with ethical business practices. Individuals can enjoy the outdoors safely by supporting these brands while contributing to a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.